Bethany Community Ministries (BCM) exists to strengthen, equip and encourage the Homewood Community with hope through providing human services, youth ministry, counseling and education as a tangible expression of God’s love.

Because of partners like you, this past year BCM has provided prepared food and groceries for thousands of meals, enhanced education for local youth, organized targeted health opportunities for adults, and hosted health clinics impacting thousands of people in the Pittsburgh region.

Gifts in any amount are celebrated. We encourage you to give whatever you can, whenever you can, because it always makes a difference.

23 Years

in Homewood


Served in 2023
Belmar Theater, Homewood, Pittsburgh, 1915

When we give to the community, they give back.

Community member Denise G. first connected with Bethany Community Ministries a few years ago when she stumbled across a block party we were hosting and decided to join in.

Now, she visits the center faithfully on Fridays for a meal, often inviting friends to join her. She’s developed a close relationship with Tyrone Jones, manager of the Storehouse, who she says goes above and beyond by delivering food to people who have trouble leaving their homes.

When I get my lunch, I always get [extras]. I bring my cart and deliver the meals to people I know who need them. Tyrone taught me that, because he does it.

Thank you for your support!

Our work wouldn't be possible without the amazing people who donate their time, talents, and resources to help us achieve our mission. Together, we're transforming lives through service!