Master's Kitchen

The Master's Kitchen program serves hot, healthy, and nutritious lunches every Friday from 12:00 to 2:00 pm at the Bethany Center. These meals are completely free and open to anyone who needs one.

Pantry items, baked goods, and personal care items are also available free of charge whenever we have them.

In response to COVID-19, these lunches are currently being served in takeout containers with limited dine-in seating available. Our guests are encouraged to choose whichever option works best for them.

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People facing food insecurity deserve to eat delicious, healthy meals in a dignified space. That's what we offer on Fridays at the Bethany Center. 

Skillfully prepared by caring staff and volunteers, our meals have traditionally been served home-style in a dine-in area to foster connections. We encourage our guests to choose either our takeout or eat-in option. We're also excited to welcome our new chef, Will Thompson, to the BCM team! He's eager to address Food Insecurity in Homewood as Program Manager of the Master's Kitchen, and is already off to a great start. Come visit him!

41.2% of families in Homewood South live in poverty; stopping service during COVID was not an option.

According to The Pittsburgh Neighborhood Project’s Disadvantage Map, well over a third of families in Homewood South live below the poverty line (based on 2014-2018 ACS Estimates). The need for supportive services in the community grew as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. In response, Master’s Kitchen began serving hot meals in take away containers and increased our weekly offering from a single meal to three different meals to last the weekend. The number of meals served increased from 60 per week to 350-400 per week on average, reaching a peak of 525 in the summer of 2020.


in poverty 

6x Meals

served on average

525 Meals

per week at peak