The Shawl Project

The Shawl Project shares God’s love with those who are going through difficult times and helps them understand that they are not forgotten by giving gifts of physical comfort, including handmade afghans, shawls, hats scarves, and gloves.

Responding to COVID-19, our makers pivoted to making masks for community distribution, and produced more than 4,000 masks to date!

Members of The Shawl Project are passionate about intergenerational transfers of knowledge and hope through art. 

With an emphasis on engaging young people, TSP participants transfer their knowledge of crochet, knitting, and other fiber arts to those who want to learn. Sometimes partnering with other organizations, The Shawl Project has donated many hand-crafted blankets and shawls to the homeless, veterans, and otherwise marginalized people in our local community and across the city. 

The Shawl Project is rooted in skill based service and tangible care through fiber arts.

Discovering that several women in the community had the ability to knit, crochet and quilt with amazing skill, The Shawl Project (TSP) began meeting in 2013 to make shawls, blankets, and afghans for sick and shut-in residents. Though our making is taking place remotely due to COVID-19, our members continue to produce thoughtful pieces as a way to reach out to those in need.

Handmade masks have been made available on site at the Bethany Center, and have also been delivered to individuals, families, and partner organizations in Pittsburgh.


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