Oftentimes, the stories told about Homewood emphasize the deficits in our community: violence, poverty, disinvestment. But we at Bethany Community Ministries know that good things happen here. We know that our neighbors care. Our staff cares. Our community cares. We build relationships, share resources, pass on knowledge, and celebrate together.

We've collected profiles and features highlighting the positive work we do in Homewood and beyond. Check out the videos, articles, and podcasts below!

Belmar Theater, Homewood, Pittsburgh, 1915

Pittsburgh Today Live

Pittsburgh Today Live: Bethany Community Ministries July 19, 2022 | Video Interview In 2022, the Pittsburgh Foundation's #ONEDAY Critical Needs Alert fundraiser is focused on Black-led and Black-serving organizations in the Pittsburgh region; Bethany Community

Strength in Community

Strength in Community July 29, 2022 | Online Article Amanda Taylor, Executive Director of Bethany Community Ministries, spoke with Kitty Julian of the Pittsburgh Foundation ahead of the #ONEDAY Critical Needs Alert fundraiser happening on

Vaccinating the Underserved

Vaccinating the Underserved May 26, 2021  |  Audio Interview In an interview with Soul Pitt Media, Dr. Steven Evans (UPMC) describes how seeing the disparities in underserved communities during COVID-19 inspired him to answer the call

Vaccinating the Black Community

Vaccinating the Black Community April 2, 2021 | News Article In an article by the New Pittsburgh Courier, Alice Williams (vice chair of the board at BCM) explained that public health equity means bringing resources

COVID Vaccines at Bethany

COVID-19 Vaccines at Bethany March 13, 2021  |  News Video On March 13, 2021, Bethany Community Ministries hosted a COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the Bethany Center in Homewood in partnership with UPMC. The goal was to

Ask A Black Doctor: Vaccines

Ask A Black Doctor: Vaccines January 21, 2021  |  Panel Discussion On January 21, 2021, Bethany Community Ministries's own Elaine Jenkins, RN, was a featured panelist on "Ask A Black Doctor," a discussion series produced locally