BCM in the Media

Oftentimes, the stories told about Homewood emphasize the deficits in our community: violence, poverty, disinvestment. But we at BCM know that good things happen here. We know that our neighbors care. Our staff care. Our community cares. We build relationships, share resources, pass on knowledge, and celebrate together. 

We've collected profiles and features highlighting the positive work we do in Homewood and beyond. Check out the videos, articles, and podcasts below!

Vaccinating the Black Community

In an article by the New Pittsburgh Courier, Alice Williams (vice chair of the board at BCM) explained that public health equity means bringing resources into predominantly Black communities directly. It means acknowledging barriers, including lack of mobility, access to information, and trust in medical institutions. She shared how BCM is partnering with medical providers, canvassing our communities, and coordinating vaccine clinics in senior living facilities, public housing, and local organizations make equity a reality.

What does equity in public health look like?

Do Black Pittsburgh residents have access to vaccines?

Our greatest desire is to save lives, and to see our community response, and to do it in such a positive way proved beneficial.

COVID Vaccines at Bethany

On March 13, 2021, Bethany Community Ministries hosted a COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the Bethany Center in Homewood in partnership with UPMC. The goal was to vaccinate 500 people in the community; at the end of the day, 600 adults received a shot. The relationships that BCM has in our community and the trust that we've built allows us to convene people and remove barriers to receiving resources from UPMC.

Is there a demand for COVID shots in Black communities?

How can faith-based organizations and doctors collaborate?

This is electric. Folks are lining up to have this vaccination and we actually had a pre-registration that overflowed.

Vaccinating the Underserved

In an interview with Soul Pitt Media, Dr. Steven Evans (UPMC) describes how seeing the disparities in underserved communities during COVID-19 inspired him to answer the call when BCM reached out to host a vaccine clinic in Homewood. Together, we demonstrated how medical institutions can be intentional in reaching marginalized people.

How can medical institutions reach underserved populations?

How important is it to get vaccinated?

Everyone thought that there would be great hesitancy... on that day, I was privileged to see our community coming out with excitement.

Ask A Black Doctor: Vaccines

On January 21, 2021, BCM's own Elaine Jenkins, RN, was a featured panelist on "Ask A Black Doctor," a discussion series produced locally by 1Hood Media and Gateway Medical Society. The conversation, moderated by Jasiri X, highlighted experiences around deciding whether to get vaccinated, the science behind the shots, and side effects. The panel also included Rachel Toney, MD, and Stephanie Miller, MD.

Should Black people get the COVID vaccine?

Is it too late to get a Flu shot?

I can't go without saying: one of the lead investigators and developers of the Moderna vaccines is a Black woman.